body map

Posted on: February 6, 2007


three photos taken today and a digital tatoo


5 Responses to "body map"

Delicious! :) Don’t know why…

becouse it resambles /by colour and saturation/ a hot apple pie? or am i onlyone who see it? :D

hey appreciate the bookmark in your “bus stop,” your work is great, i’m really enjoying this digital tattoo that was created however. how did you go about creating the lines so that they curved to the bumps in the ear. i’m guessing the boldness of the black dotted line was some what reduced by an opaque eraser or the multiply option in the layers. would love to know how you went about this however.

i just find your blog interesting. i’ve foud some usefull links.
and the office linebacker is just hilarious ;)

with lines you’ve guessed almost everything.
-multiply layer and played with it’s opacity
-ereased the line to make it thiner in some places
-duplcated layer what made the lines darker and then ereased every area (on duplicate) where it didn’t need to be darker ;p
-blurring lines also helped becouse they were unnaturaly sharp at the begining, ‘map’ part of the signature still is, now i see it when it’s shrinked

thanks for comment ;]

Bordo, really strange visual effects in this picture. I love it.

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