Posted on: January 3, 2007


another time i’ve played in remixing my old stuff

i’m so sentimental or is it just lack of creativity?

i’ve added some colors here as well – click

exams are close, i can almost hear laugh of my profesors ;p
that’s the reason why i’m throwing out photoshop for a while.
it is to strong temptation to have it just next to dev c++ ;p.

and yes, my new years resolution is to write in english.
i would be gratefull for pointing out mistakes ;]



2 Responses to "remix"

Best wishes in new year!
And You made a good resolution- I support You! I don’t know why, maybe because I was extremely busy with other things in my life, but for a while I also lacked inspiration. I hope it will come back to my blog soon.
By the way, do you still ride a bike? We certainly have to go somewhere when it gets warmer- hopefully soon, as I miss the spring.

thanks and best to You! ;D
i ride when i’m not sick / it’s second time this arctic cold winter ;p
i miss the spring too ;( hope we’ll make some ‘hardcore’ trip trough the woods :]

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