Posted on: October 17, 2006

hey,  let’s play funny game!


5 Responses to "funny"

The term Funny game brought me on mind “Funny games” by Michael Haneke- the picture about sheer cruelty and evil towards which people can be totally helpless. That film deeply shocked me.

i’ve watched it too Nika.
definetly one of my favs.
just found the info that he is making hollywood style (i mean everything in english and story happens in usa) remake out of that movie :O

Anna: He only wants to have a game.
Peter: Funny game.

I bet that “american” version will be worse- it will probably lose the whole atmosphere of helplessness. This was one of the movies in which the ending wasn’t sweet, but till the last minutes I was eagerly wanting for that women to be rescued. But reality unfortunately is very cruel. Also one of my favourite pictures.

Obrazek został dodany w dniu urodzin mojej siostry :)

Bałaganie więcej z natury, a dostaniesz się na arhitekture :P

A jeśli kiedyś zostaniesz wielkim artystą, to dasz mi autograf

P.S.Shift daje dupy i nie działa.

Aniu, praca, wyklady, kilka zaleglych programow i masa innych zoboweiazan w obec ludzi , jak gdzies miedzy tym znajde czas na rysowanie to zapewne zostane wielkim artysta :D
autograf moge dac juz teraz bo mozesz sie nie doczekac :D

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