Posted on: October 12, 2006



2 Responses to "pet"

Hi Bordo, I like the animal you drew. Is it a cat, a dog, or both? What technique do you use exactly? Do you draw also landscapes or still life subjects? You have your own technique…

I saw your comment speaking about the “mosaic” in my new banner. Thanks for your reaction. I agree with you, this “mosaic” is quite unusual, but I’ll leave it because it gives more a “geometrical structured” effect…

All the best

is’s some freaky pet, maybe the newest pokemon ;D

my technique i simple and not to original ;p
1. draw on paper, scan
2. throw in colors on multiple layer above the draving, to keep the lines vissible through colors.
3. when colors are chosen flaten it into one layer. paint it to add volume etc.
3.5 sometimes (ok rarely :p) i make a vector outline. even if it’s not vissible i can sellect area outside the outline and erease it to get sharp and clean edges.

i mostly draw charactes. i just like it more than draving anything else.
here are some old stuff of mine :

thanks for interest Ben ;]

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