Posted on: October 7, 2006

Czekali cierpliwie
na zastrzyk euforii.
Czekali tak długo

wbrew wszelkiej teorii.
Czas płynął,

lecz oni cierpliwi do granic.
Najbardziej cierpliwi umarli
– nie doczekali.

(inspired by Nika)


5 Responses to "cierpliwość"

Beautiful! Sad but makes a lot of sense. I’ll try to translate it to english and if it sounds good I’ll put it on my blog- if You agree of course.

Beautiful artwork!
I’ll add your Blog url on mine, if that’s OK for you.
Continue the amazing works.

strange, couse i just thought to write same thing on your blog :O
its fine with me, and same question goes to you :]

Nika you can translate it eaven to chinese :D

im happy somoene like chldren of mine and boredom.  :>

Hey, I love the new look of Your page.

By the way- if You like, You can also link my page.

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